Deb Lozier started her explorations with torch firing enamel at a small bench nestled in a corner of her bedroom in 1986. Her work and studio methods have evolved and expanded, but her core belief that experimentation is the root of innovation has stayed true. She lets the materials lead her, allowing the magic of the process define and create new possibilities. She is a senior adjunct professor at California College of the Arts and has taught countless workshops across the US and England. Working with students from such diverse walks of life has informed her studio practice with a rich tapestry of artistic approaches. “I gather information from a room full of creativity. It is amazing what comes to the surface when you give students permission to wander and explore.” She authored a chapter on torch fired enameling for Lillyan Bachrach's book Enameling with Professionals and has been included in many publications, including six of Lark Books 100 Series. Exhibiting both nationally, and internationally, Deb stretches beyond her personal studio practice to include public and private commissions along with community outreach. She received her BFA in crafts in 1984 from Arizona State University and currently lives and works in Oakland, California.