The Radical Jewelry Makeover Tool Kit was designed to introduce more jewelers (student and professional) as well as reach the general public with the mission of Ethical Metalsmiths and to offer a hands-on opportunity to get involved.

The RJM Tool Kit provides a diverse range of institutions such as universities, high schools, guilds, and art centers, with practical information for organizing their own Radical Jewelry Makeover event.

The Tool Kit is available to these institutions for an appropriate rate based on your project and also offers potential fundraising opportunities for your school or group.  Interested? Contact Us!

Some of the documents, information, and presentations contained in the kit include:
•    Memorandum of Understanding outlining terms of agreement
•    Guidance on curricular materials that help frame the conceptual parameters of the project
•    How to assess donated jewelry (in order to use it as raw material for makeover projects)
•    How to photograph work
•    List of needed supplies
•    List of demonstrations
•    Preparing for a culminating exhibition (location, jewelry pricing, promotion)
•    How to cater the schedule to the needs of each unique RJM
•    RJM logo (color unique to each project)
•    One-on-one planning guidance as well as assistance throughout every stage of the project.