Radical Jewelry Makeover (RJM) is an international community jewelry mining and recycling project. It brings together jewelers, working together to examine mining issues while making innovative jewelry from recycled sources.

The Artist Project


A small group of artists from across the country who previously collaborated with Radical Jewelry Makeover were invited to dive more deeply into the motivations and questions of the project. They were asked to create a series of work using donated jewelry leftover from all previous donation drives. 

Project Installments

Since 2007, there have been 14 makeovers, 370 artists have participated, 500 pounds of jewelry have been donated, 980 pieces of jewelry have been made, hundreds of people are wearing RJM jewelry and over 3,000 people have visited the exhibitions.


The Radical Jewelry Makeover Tool Kit was designed to introduce more jewelers (student and professional) as well as the general public with the mission of Ethical Metalsmiths, and to offer a hands-on opportunity to get involved. Learn how to bring RJM to your community!